Towing Equipment, Tilt Slides, Tippers & Trailers.

Cain has developed a solid reputation for creating the ‘Complete Package’ for our customers as well as having bodies that we can fit to any truck for uses in the construction, towing and mining industries to name a few.

Cain began from a concept of not only being able to provide great bodies we can fit for our customers, but also wanting to be able to provide the ‘Complete Package’ with a one stop shop to buy a truck and body at the same time

The key to Cain’s success is happy customers. We offer simple solutions for your needs. This includes tow trucks that work in small height confined spaces through to tippers to do the heavy carrying. We can provide the best option for your needs

We ensure all our products are delivered on time and are manufactured at a consistently high level of quality.

Our Truck Bodies

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